At Sawyer Wooden SUP, we create functional art.  Sawyer hollow wooden SUP’s have incredible feel.  The behavior of wood in water enables Sawyer to create stiff and responsive paddle boards with excellent flex and dampening characteristics.  As a result you enjoy boards that are fast, lively, stable and forgiving.  Current demand has us building primarily flat water SUPs, and we are constructing a series of 14′ flat water boards that will be available as early as June.  We also have demo boards for 11′ and 11’6 demo boards for sale now.  Check out the Sawyer SUP Facebook page for progress photos of the 14′ Excelsior twins that we are building.

We take custom orders to build an SUP to fit your style, size, and ability by balancing volume (displacement), planshape, rocker, rail shape, deck shape and fin configuration to you.  Over 400 hours goes into each board and with curing time boards take 3 months to complete from start to finish.  We can adjust dimensions on any of the boards to suit your needs. Drop us a line when your visiting Lake Tahoe and demo one of our boards.

Wooden Stand Up Paddleboards

Mighty Quinn

This board is designed for fun on Tahoe or surf in ankle to waist high surf.  At 29” wide, the Mighty Quinn is stable for all sizes and abilities.  Exceptional paddle surfers could use this board in larger surf, so long as the board “fits” the wave and the rider can read sections and not get caught inside.

The board has a flat bottom that transitions to a “V” tail.  Tail rails are hard to provide good edge hold and clean release.  Side rails are full and soft to provide stability in chop and transition to an egg shape and then to a tucked rail in the tail.  The deck has an enlarged flat area to increase comfort.  The nose is thinned and turned up to decrease windage and improve surfability.  The rocker is relatively flat with a stretched midsection for improved glide and a slightly kicked up tail for turning.  Rails are parallel through the middle of the board to improve tracking and glide.

The result is a board that is really fun to ride and can perform in a wide variety of conditions.

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Yoga Board

The Yoga is perfect for just that.  This displacement hull is very stable and turns easily.  It has a flatwater rocker with just enough tail rocker to make it fun in a variety of conditions.  This board is very flexible for everything from a picnic with your dog to an early SUP yoga session on the glassy water.

Dimensions and volume can be altered on this board to suit your specific needs.

The Yoga Board fun to ride and can perform in a wide variety of conditions.

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The Luna is designed purely as a planing hull and for paddle surfing. This e board is fast and fun in the surf.  The Luna is lively with excellent feedback . It paddles fast for its size and has a flat bottom for stability. The Luna is custom designed and built for your specific style or break.  We can use any fin combination from a single to 4 + 1.   This combination of factors allows the Luna to be agile, stable, and fun. It can also be paddled efficiently to catch waves. The rails are full 50/50 rails in the front to middle and taper to egg shaped rails that transition to a hard tucked rail in the tail. The tail is developed to suit your style and break.  We like to use fin boxes for flexibility, durability, and for easier transportation, however wood/glassed on fins have a very clean look.  Give us a call and we can discuss your board needs.

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The Thunderbird is the flagship of the Sawyer fleet. The board is named after the legendary woody that resides at the Thunderbird Lodge (castle) at Lake Tahoe. The displacement hull entry and long flat bottom is designed for maximize paddling enjoyment in a broad range of conditions.  It is efficient, tracks well and glides well due to the balance of displacement, rocker, plan-shape and rail design. It slices through chop with the piercing hull design and maintains nose lift in waves. As a matter of fact it surfs the Tahoe Queen’s wake exceptionally well.   It has a flat rocker and rounded chines for stability.  The tail is squared for stability with sharp rails for clean release.  The tail has a slight “V” with rounded rails for hold to give it just enough surf-ability for variable conditions while not sacrificing glide. The deck is designed with a slight concave for comfort and the nose is domed to shed water and keep feet dry.

The hull behaves predictably with good initial stability and excellent glide. In addition the Thunderbird makes a fine downwind board and has rounded chines with vertical walls for hold in planing turns and maximum lift. The Thunderbird has magic combination of attributes that will put a smile on your face every time you paddle.

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Wooden Surf Boards


The Leaf is fun for head high and smaller waves.  It has a “V” tail and a concave nose.  It accelerates quickly, is quick edge to edge and is easy to ride.  The Leaf catches waves easily (even in knee high surf) due to the wide nose.  The rounded pin makes for smooth edge release for easy turning.  The rails are rounded from the front to mid with egg shaped tails that transition to a tucked rail with a sharp thin tail for edge hold.

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We can:

  • replicate your favorite board.
  • modify an existing board design to suit your preference.
  • create a new design to suit break/conditions, style, size, and ability.

Fins and Fin Boxes

We generally use a universal 10 ½” fin box for SUP center fins and an 8 ½” universal fin box for surf boards.  These boxes are adjustable so that the center fin may be moved forward and back to a rider’s preference.

We offer a selection of fins for separate purchase in order to further meet your needs.  We can recommend fins and configurations and can consult with you if requested.


We offer Ocean and Earth board accessories and Xtrak deck pads.  Our product selection includes:

  • Travel Board Bags
  • Board Sox
  • Board Coffins
  • Traction and Deck Pads
  • Leashes